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EduScape Turns Every Room Into an Escape Room

Teacher Training

How to use Crazy Scientist Escape Game in the classroom? How to link the escape game to the curriculum?

Escape Games

"The scientist has gone crazy and locked up his lab assistants! There is only one way to escape the room - the puzzles left by the crazy scientist must be solved. Can you escape before you run out of food and drinking water?! ”

Escape Game Design Workshop

How to design an escape game yourself? By the end of the workshop, you will design a thematic escape game!

Our Story

What Have We Been Up To?

Iga asi võib olla põgenemismängu vihje - ka puuvili.

Escaping the Botanical Garden

If the wish to escape the classroom 👨‍🏫  is familiar to most students, 🏃‍♀️🏫 how many can say they have done the same thing between palm trees 🌴 in the botanical garden? This is exactly what the employees of the Tallinn Botanical Garden did last week, solving puzzles created by their colleagues 🔐.

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escape suitcase

“Time Capsule” Sustainable Development Goals themed escape suitcase

In the Escape to Inspire training, we designed an escape game on Sustainable Development Goals. We decided with the team that it is free for everyone to use, so those interested can download the instructions and build it themselves.

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The Start Of Our Journey On Board Of Rocket 69

Today, 7 years ago, the first show of the third season of Rakett69 was broadcast, with EduScape founder Luise and Kaarel, among others. Ruben's pipe and the dragon's breath ensured the advancement to the next staged of the show, and we both pulled the green ball out of the bag by lottery ...

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